Laboratory - ABM

Research & Expertise

Our laboratory opens up new possibilities to meet our partners' needs. We work on new formulas and receipts which are the basis of innovative niche products for animal health.

NIRS technology is the method we check the quality of feeds, silage & forage. With the help of ELISA method we measure the level of mycotoxins, which are harmful for the animal health.

We take care not only of the Farm Health we work with but strive to improve the Health of the whole animal industry.

Quality Standards

01 Professional Approach

02 Focus on Innovations

03 Speed

04 Systematic Approach


01 Accuracy

02 Fast Results

03 Several quality indicators research

04 Meet ISO Standards

Complex Approach

Up-to-date equipment and technologies allow us to check a wide range of indicators within a short time period. With the help of powerful software we export all data and send it directly to the client.

Our goal is to keep up with new trends and improve laboratory research. That is the key to meet all possible quality standards nowadays.

Flexibility and operational excellence are the guides to the industry complex approach.