Stabiomin - ABM

Buffer Additives


  • 25 kg

Counteracting acidosis, prolonged action.

Stabiomin is a feed buffer that has a prophylactic and therapeutic purpose.

Counteracts the appearance of chronic and acute rumen acidosis of cows.

It is recommended to add to the diet with a significant content of silage and high content of unstructured fiber.

How does it work and what does it affect?

activates the work of the rumen microflora;

improves the metabolism of fatty acids in the rumen;

normalizes the pH of the rumen to optimal levels;

is an activator required for protein synthesis;

creates anaerobic conditions in the rumen.

Reasons to choose Stabiomin

easy to use;

the functioning time of the buffer in the body lasts up to 4-6 hours;

is an additional source of magnesium.