Stabiosaf - ABM

Live Yeast


  • 1 kg

Stabiosaf is a living active yeast for health and productivity.

Thermostable yeast Stabiosaf is an effective probiotic for feeding dairy and meat breeds of cattle, pigs, poultry.

It is used for

acceleration of fermentation of fiber fibers;

improving the anaerobic environment in the rumen;

greater consumption of animal feed and increased productivity;

stabilization of the pH level in the rumen;

reducing the risk of acidosis, ketosis, laminitis.

What else is Stabiosaf useful for?

improves the productivity of the dairy herd;

increases microbial synthesis;

effective in the fermentation of fiber and starch;

maintains the pH of the rumen at the optimal level, reduces pH fluctuations between feedings;

stimulates the formation of volatile fatty acids.