Bicar Z - ABM

Raw materials for feed production

Bicar Z

  • 25 kg

Sodium bicarbonate

A natural source of sodium, a feed additive for feeding pets. Safe feed additive without chlorine and sulfur.

The high-quality grade of sodium bicarbonate, manufactured in accordance with SOLVAY's animal feed technology, guarantees purity that is equivalent to natural sodium bicarbonate found in the soil, saliva and blood of all humans and animals.

Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) increases productivity and improves livestock health by balancing the diet. In ruminants it shows a buffering ability, and in small animals with a single-chamber stomach it effectively balances the diet by optimizing the electrolyte balance.

Reasons to use

the addition of sodium bicarbonate to the feed of ruminants reduces the risk of rumen acidosis by increasing its buffering capacity and stabilizing the pH;

in poultry feeding improves electrolyte balance, increases the efficiency of feed consumption and, accordingly, weight gain; in laying hens provides optimal performance and high quality eggshell;

in pigs - optimizes the electrolyte balance taking into account their age development.