Propimpex CA - ABM

Raw materials for feed production

Propimpex CA

  • 20 kg
  • 25 kg

Calcium propionate Ca (C3H5O2) 2 is organic compound, salt of calcium and propionic acid, food additive E282.

Powdered / granular white mass in the form of colorless crystals. Odorless or with a faint odor of propionic acid, the taste is slightly alkaline. Well soluble in water.

Calcium propionate is non-toxic, does not accumulate in the body, is excreted in full in the form of carbon dioxide.

Usage and purpose

food industry: additive E282 is approved for use as a food preservative.

processing industry: canned dairy and meat products (including minced meat). In cheese production, they treat the surfaces of hard cheeses, and together with propionic or sorbic acids are used in the manufacture of processed cheese;

livestock: used in preventive and curative measures for paresis and ketosis in cows. It has a positive effect on increasing the level of calcium in the blood, helps with the occurrence of milk fever and subclinical hypocalcemia.