StabioSIL - ABM

Feed Preservatives


  • 100 g

Biological preservatives for healthy feeding.

StabioSIL Alfa® and StabioSIL Top® are a series of biological preservatives for ensiling.

The action of preservatives

provide food with a pleasant taste and aroma;

intensively synthesize lactic acid, which rapidly lowers the pH of the feed;

stop the growth of yeast and fungi;

inhibit the development of clostridia;

do not require the use of refrigerant during transportation and storage.

StabioSIL Alfa® is a biological preservative for cereals and legumes

promotes the rapid formation of sufficient amounts of lactic acid;

lowers the pH level;

improves the fermentation process;

prevents protein breakdown;

eliminates secondary heating when opening the feed storage;

inhibits the development and growth of clostridia.

StabioSIL Top® - for ensiling green mass and corn grain

stabilizes natural lactic acid fermentation;

rapidly lowers the pH level;

actively stops the development of clostridia and fungi;

preserves energy nutrition of feed;

improves the aerobic stability of the silage after opening the feed storage.