Ligoferm - ABM

Metabolic modifiers


  • 25 kg

Ligoferm protects the liver and gallbladder of cattle.

Ligoferm hepatoprotector is a complex protection of the liver and coordinated work of the gallbladder, a guarantee of their smooth operation.

Natural components of the product prevent the development of fatty liver disease, bile stasis, ketosis. Counteract the general exhaustion of the body and improve the digestive system.

When is Ligoferm used most often?

to prevent and maintain a balanced liver and gallbladder;

during and after treatment of animals with potent drugs to minimize the burden on the liver and prevent intoxication of the body;

for the prevention and treatment of ketosis.

How else will Ligoferm help?

rapid excretion of toxins;

improving appetite;

an additional source of minerals and methionine.

Key Features

treats the liver;

has a powerful choleretic effect;

effective in ketosis.