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Copper sulfate

  • 25 kg

Copper sulfate
An inorganic compound, a copper salt of sulfuric acid, in the anhydrous state CuSO₄.

In the non-hygroscopic state - a crystalline substance, non-volatile, odorless, soluble in water.

When combined with water, it forms bright blue crystals.

Usage and purpose

for agriculture - as an antiseptic, fungicide and copper-sulfur fertilizer. Copper sulphate solution is a fungicide intended for spraying fruit and berry, ornamental trees and shrubs against scab, moniliosis, anthracnose and other diseases in early spring before bud burst, as well as for disinfection of wounds in fruit. As a part of Bordeaux mix - against mushroom and grape phylloxera; as an antiseptic of water against its "blooming" in reservoirs, pools, canals;

in industry (for the production of artificial fibers, organic dyes, mineral paints, arsenic chemicals, for the enrichment of ore during flotation);

in the food industry as a food additive E519 (product color fixative and preservative), etc.