Rumisan - ABM

Raw materials for feed production


  • 25 kg


Specialized feed additive for ruminants.

Purified Rumisan feed urea is a solid white cereal with a uniform round shape.

Hygroscopic, so it is important to comply with all requirements for storage conditions in accordance with the instructions. Used to supplement the diet of ruminants.

Nutritional value

Protein is the main limiting nutrient for modern animal husbandry. Feed urea is a source of non-protein nitrogen (NPN) for ruminants. One kilogram of Rumisan feed urea corresponds to 2.88 kg of crude protein for ruminants.

General instructions for use *

Rumisan is a technically pure non-protein nitrogen feed additive for ruminants with a functional rumen. Feeding urea to the maximum dose should be carried out gradually. The maximum urea content should be fed only in diets rich in easily digestible carbohydrates. A maximum of 30% of total nitrogen in the daily diet should come from urea-N. The maximum content of Rumisan in complete feeds with a moisture content of 12% is 8,800 mg / kg.
* In accordance with EU Regulation No. 839/2012.